Bollywood Inspiration

This unit gives students opportunities to explore the Bollywood genre. After analysing this screen-based form of dance, students recreate aspects of traditional Indian dance and experiment with gestural movement vocabulary and established choreographic conventions. Through their research and performance, students identify and present traditional and contemporary aspects of this genre. They explore the impact and influence of cultures as they experience examples of global cultural ‘fusion’.

Focus Questions
·To what extent can movement can be understood on a global level?
·What are the conventions of Bollywood choreography?
·What happens when movement is created to match specific lyrics?
·What do we mean by tradition and popular culture?
·What is cultural fusion?

Extension questions
·How do different cultures/mediums tell similar stories?
·What is the role of a film choreographer?
·What examples exist of fusion of Eastern and Western cultures?

Stage of Schooling
Lower or Middle Secondary

Learning Focus
Dance and Media

Teacher Information
Activity One: Movement Can Have Meaning
Activity Two: Concepts of Tradition
Activity Three: Cultural Fusion
Activity Four: Lyrics and Dance
Activity Five: Performance
Extension Activities
Bollywood film by Cambridge Primary School students