Units indicated (*) are specific to Cambodia. Other units are designed for many cultures and can use Cambodia as a focus.
**curated digital resources, not units per se.

The Arts
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
Seeing and sharing
*Angkor Wat bas-relief carvings
Focus on Cambodia - all levels
*Zoo of Many Flowers
My Place my home
Countries of Asia Discovery Tour
Really Big Projects - rice and religion
Snapshots - photos and meaning
*Modern Cambodia
*Ancient Khmer
(literacy, speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing activities)
Poetry into performance
Inspirations: art as a bridge between cultures
Animals and their homes
Getting connected - what's Asia got to do with me?
Small objects, families stories
Images of Asia: rules and symbols
Migrant Stories
*Food for the World
*Peace building - landmines
*Angkor What? Angkor Wat!
*Geography: Life in a floating village
Voices and values: citizens - you and me
Geography: Seeing beyond Asia
National days and celebrations - Year 3 history

*Modern Cambodia
*Ancient Khmer
Includes video clips, maps, and images
*The Power of food
Geography: Why dam the Mekong River? Year 7 Geog
Angkor: the way of life - Year 8 history
Angkor: Theories of decline - Year 8 history**

Literacy lists for Cambodia can be found
Etiquette for Cambodia
Country statistics
Country profile#2
Cambodia: A classroom studyincludes Names, Culture, History, Groups, Food, Folktales, Activities
A couple of quick quizzes on Cambodia can be found hereor hereor here
A tongue in cheek one for those who have travelled in Asia/Cambodia will be appreciated here