China - main guide by learning area for units of work

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The Arts
Chinese New Year
Camel Journeys
Shadow puppets
Body Decoration and design
Brush strokes
The China virtual tour lessons and units
English Primary
Chinese Stories
Creative writing with Chinese newspapersDragonsMy Place my homeTravels with Tim and TamRice, Noodles and CinderellaZoo of Many FlowersChinese fables on lineSecondaryBeyond the RiverConfucius SayingsFloating Lives (flim festival)Inspirations: art as a bridge between culturesPoetry into performance
The China virtual tour lessons and units
Lu Shih—The Couplets of T’ang
Poetry from North Asia - year 10


Year 1 Places
Foundation Geography: Special places
Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
Lions, Dragons, and Nian: Animals of the Chinese New Year
Farm to Table (Lwr primary)
Travels with Tim and Tam
Introduction to China/Culture
Chinese Migrants and the Gold Rush is complemented by
The Harvest of Endurance Scroll
Following the Great Wall of China
On the Road with Marco Polo
Geography: Connecting to Asia
First contacts - Zheng He - Year 4 history
Chinese Migration and the Gold Rushes - year 5 History
Attitudes towards Chinese migrants - Year 5 history
Chinese New Year - Year 3 history
National Days and Celebrations - Year 3 history

Geography: Why dam the Mekong River?
Attitudes Towards Chinese Migrants
Geography: Damming the Yangtze at Three GorgesGeography: Urban growth in ChinaGeography: Shanghai - a city on the moveAsia Pacific Natural DisastersChina General
Chinese Heritage in Australia
Doing Business with China (Bus Man2)
Emerging Giant (sustainability)
Great Wall of China Units
Historical aspects of humanityNanjing
The China virtual tour lessons and unitsLu Shih—The Couplets of T’ang Rise and fall of Canton Trade System
Mongol Expansion - Year 8 history
Chinese migrants and the Gold rush - Year 9 history
Australian attitudes towards Chinese migrants - Year 9 history
Cross curricular units
Cultural Awareness day
Influences on Me Level 3
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Signs and Symbols
General introduction to Asia level 4
Health and PE
Historical aspects of humanity
What is Health?
Counting in Chinese - Foundation
The Abacus - Year 2
Pyramids - Year 3
Chinese Patterns - Year 4
Maps of Chinese cities - Year 4
Pyramids - Year 6

Junior/Middle years
Emerging Giant (sustainability)
Asia Mapping against the Australian Curriculumfor English
for History
for Science
for Maths

Units of work are designed for many cultures and can use China as the focus.

The Arts
Hip-hopping away
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
Seeing and sharing
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
English PrimaryCountries of Asia Discovery Tour Really Big Projects - rice and religionSnapshots - photos and meaningSecondaryOur region: our home


Animals and their homes
Getting connected - what's Asia got to do with me?
Small objects, families stories
Images of Asia: rules and symbols
Migrant Stories
Rules and Symbols
Geography: Seeing beyond Asia
Voices and values: citizens - you and me
Getting Connected

Other ideas from the Asia Education Foundation websitefor lessons and units
The China virtual tour lessons and units

Dozens of Lessons with a geographic perspective from Columbia University (including some from Australia)

Great Websites for China
Etiquette in China and some interesting facts from
Encountering the Chinese - A Modern Country, An Ancient Culture published by Intercultural Press
Country Statistics
Country Profile#2
Living in the Chinese Cosmos: Understanding religion in the Late-imperial China (1644-1911)
Song Dynasty -
Mongols in World history -
Grandeur of the Qing Dynasty -
Listen or read a cute story online at:
Chinese Museum in Melbourne can also be accessed online
Harvard online lectures - a free online course in Chinese Studies / History - brilliant for your own PD