Cultural Fusion

1. Popular Culture

Have students discuss the nature of ‘popular’ culture in Australia.

· Where does it come from?
· Who is it ‘popular’ with?
· What role does the media have in making something ‘popular’?

2. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

View the dance sequence from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham[j1] the steps of the British university and the later ‘disco’ scene
  • Have students identify which choreographic conventions are borrowed from Indian traditions and which from Western dance forms?

3. Choreography

Continue to develop practical choreographic activity exploring:

· Choreographic devices such as mirroring, group question and answer
· Use of space such as foreground and background
· Pattern such as group shape

4. Special Features

[j2] (special features on DVD).
Incorporate new movements/gestures into the dance, which are familiar to the students but do not have Indian origin or create a new section of the dance based on a western dance form.
  • Which conventions need to be retained to keep a Bollywood ‘feel’?

[j1]Is this segment on YouTube – if so, can we reference it?

[j2]Not sure what is to happen here.