1. Movement and Lyrics

Return to the first sequence from Devdas viewed (the duo movement/voice over scene between lead performers near the pool).

This time view it with the subtitles on to discuss the link between the movement and the lyrics.

2. Hips Don't Lie

View Columbian performer Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, available from You Tube: Search for Shakira 'Hips Don't Lie.

Famous Indian choreographer Farah Khan trained Colombian performer for a Bollywood version of her hit "Hips Don't Lie" for the MTV Video Music Awards on August 31st 2006, live in Radio City Music Hall.

· Discuss the influence of the Bollywood conventions as well as the development of movement in response to the lyrics.

Students may like to compare how this version differs from other versions that Shakira performs which more obviously reference Middle Eastern belly-dancing traditions amongst others.

3. Creating a Movement Vocabulary

Have students choose a popular Australian song with clear lyrics and develop a specific movement vocabulary, which communicates the lyrics.
· Perform this:
o in silence
o accompanied by a piece of music of the same genre
o accompanied by a piece of music from very different genre.


· the importance of the linking of lyrics and appropriate movement to the communication of the ideas.
· Are there some gestures that are easier to understand than others?

4. Extension

As an extension activity, students could review the Kathak dance segment and reflect in their journals on the extent to which it is important to understand the lyrics and the specific traditional gestures in order to appreciate an art form.