Units of work - CHINA - prepared by teachers post study tour


China Integrated Unit - Level 1

China Integrated Unit - Level 2

China Integrated Unit - Level 3

Celebrations - Prep/1

Powerpoint, all handouts and websites available here

From Farm to Table - Year 2

Dragons - Years 3-4

More links and resources to Dragons, Dragonkeeper stories

Shadow puppets - Years 3-4

This arts based unit explores Shadow puppets, fables,
Opera and Dragons from China with some exploration of perspectives.

Signs and Symbols - Level 3

Influences on Me - Level 3

Unit outline

Games - Years 3-5

6 Lessons with activities, videos, and great background.
More information about Asian games can be found here

Introduction to China and Chinese culture

Level 3 Years 3-4

What is Asia? What differences are there between Australia
and China? Where is China? What are some of China’s
traditions, religions and cultures? What are the landmarks of China? What are some of China’s sites of historical significance?
- unit for about 10 lessons with good internet links

Creative writing with Chinese newspapers - Years 5/6

Teacher notes and newspapers

Students reading out their “imaginative retelling” of the newspaper articles:

An integrated Humanities unit - Grade 6
This unit can be used for any Asian country and includes handout for a project and rubric assessment

Rice, Chopsticks and Chinese Cinderella - Level 4
These 4 lessons are an introduction in Geography, History, Literacy and Numeracy

Travels with Tim and Tam - Years P-6

A travelogue with great photos and text of Tim and Tam who are two Australians who love to
travel and learn about new people and places.
Tim is a kangaroo and Tam is a koala.
We are really interested in China and other countries in Asia.


Useful categories include:
Hutongs and courtyard homesChinese silkAncient China - the Great WallAncient China - the Summer PalaceModern China - maglev train

Acccess it here


Asia Pacific and Natural Disasters - Year 8

What is Health? - Year 8

Emerging Giant (sustainability) - Year 9

Unit outline - Humanites

Unit outline - Science and Humanities

Confucius Sayings - Year 9

Teachers notes
Sample student work

Tiananmen Square, Chinese cities and students - Junior/Middle Years Maths

Nanjing Massacre - Year 10

Doing Business with China - VCE Unit 2 Business

Doing Business with China (Bus Man2)

Historical aspects of humanity - Year 11

This presentation is part of our Year 11 Assembly
program and enables students to explore the great humanitarians in Asian history.
John Rabe provides an example of this in China…

Cultural Awareness Day - Secondary School

Draft program