Victorian Essentail Learning Standards

The table shows how some Level 4 standards might be applied to this unit.

Key elements of the standards
Physical, Personal & Social Learning
Personal Learning
Individual Learner
…demonstrate the ability to learn independently and with peers
Managing personal learning
…monitor and describe progress in their learning.
…develop and implement plans to complete tasks within time frames

Discipline- based Learning

…read interpret and respond to a wide range of texts, both print and electronic.
…draw on knowledge of text organisation when interpreting texts containing unfamiliar ideas and information

…employ a variety of strategies including note taking, planning, editing and proof reading.
Speaking and listening
…project their voice adequately for an audience.
…modify texts to clarify meaning and information
…plan, rehearse and make a presentation about their research.

Humanities and History
Historical knowledge and understanding

Historical reasoning and interpretation

…demonstrate an understanding of the histories of some cultural groups which make up Australia today.
…explain significant events and people in the history of China
…compare and contrast values and beliefs - between Australia and China

…use a range of primary and secondary sources to investigate the past.
…research questions and plan their own enquiries.
… use historical language and concepts to develop historical explanations.

Geospatial skills
…uses atlases to accurately locate places and landmarks in China
…identify features from maps, and satellite images.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Reasoning, process and inquiry
… develop their own questions for investigation.
Reflection, evaluation and metacognition
… use a range of thinking processes and tools.
…document changes in their own ideas and beliefs.

Information and Communications Technology
ICT for visual thinking
…use graphic organisers to help structure their thinking and assist in constructing knowledge
ICT for communicating
..use ICT as a forum to share ideas and knowledge
…use search engines and limited key words to locate information from websites related to the topic

ICT for creating
…use ICT to create an on-line glossary or Wiki to house historical terms and definitions
…use ICT to create a multimedia presentation.

Listening, viewing and responding
…develop skills in organising ideas and information logically and clearly to suit their purpose and the needs of the audience.
…develop the ability to present information in a logical sequence.