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Units indicated (*) are specific to Indonesia. Other units are designed for many cultures and can use Indonesia as a focus.

The Arts
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
*Wayang Puppets/Ramayana
*Angklung Music
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
Seeing and sharing
*Indonesian Short stories
Wayang Shadow Puppet plays
Fairy tales from Asia
Zoo of Many Flowers
My Place my home
Countries of Asia Discovery Tour
Really Big Projects - rice and religion
Snapshots - photos and meaning
*News from Indonesia
Poetry into performance
Inspirations: art as a bridge between cultures


*Try this interactive site with your students
*Foundation Geography: Special places
*Geography: Images of Indonesia
Animals and their homes
Getting connected - what's Asia got to do with me?
Small objects, families stories
Images of Asia: rules and symbols
Migrant Stories
*Disaster Preparedness
*Disasters: COnsequences and responses
Voices and values: citizens - you and me
Geography: Connecting to Asia
Geography: Seeing beyond Asia
*National Days and celebrations - Year 3 history
*News from Indonesia
*Liveability: Urban Indonesia - year 7
*Geography: Jakarta
*The Power of Food
Kampung Halaman
Nusantara Online
Making Shadow Puppets
*Counting in Indonesian - Foundation
*Pyramids - Year 3
*Indonesian ikat patterns - Year 4
*Maps of Indonesian Cities - Year 4
*Pyramids - Year 6
2012 was the year of the Dragon.
You can use this as a great way to engage your students about the KOMODO Dragon. The Komodo Dragon has been provisionally (November 2011) named as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World!! WoW!!!

Resources from Cornell University on Indonesia can be found under these headings: Culture, Food, Geography, History, People, Stories, Textiles and Wildlife

Favourite Indonesia site with great ideas for culture and language: The education kit gives wonderful information on culture and languge using the Melbourne Zoo as a great stimulus. Find it at
Comprehensive interactive site on the Wayung Kulit including instruments , stories and characters. Brilliant!!
Etiquette for Indonesia
Country Statistics
Country Profile#2

Contemporary Literature lists for Indonesia:

Film clips to inspire you students:

Jogja Hip Hop Foundation

Batik Fractal

Remarkable Indonesia