Units indicated (*) are specific to Japan. Other units are designed for many cultures and can use Japan as a focus.

The Arts
*Festivals of Japan - F-2
*Bunraku Puppetry Years 3-4
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
*Taikoz_ Australian Japanese drumming


*Visual Haiku
*Body Decoration and design
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
Seeing and sharing
*Being in the Noh - an intro to Japanese Noh Plays

*5 units - Japanese History through art
*Arts dialogue - Kosuke Ikeda and Alicia King - Years 9-10

*Traditional stories from Japan
*Integrated learning: Exploring Japan
*Animal Stories from Japan
*Zoo of Many Flowers
*My Place my home
Countries of Asia Discovery Tour
Really Big Projects - rice and religion
Snapshots - photos and meaning
*The World of haiku
*Japan thru Children's Literature
*Japanese poetry
*Japanese Kamishibai storytelling
Poetry into performance
*Haiku Poetry
*Floating Lives (flim festival)
*Inspirations: art as a bridge between cultures
Our region: our home
*Japan diary: my double journal
*News of Japan
*Japanese Poetry: Tanka? You're Welcome!
*Say Hi to Haibun Fun
*Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes


*Foundation Geography: Special places
*Exploring Japan - Foundation history
*Foundation : Exploring Japan
Animals and their homes
Getting connected - what's Asia got to do with me?
Small objects, families stories
Images of Asia: rules and symbols
Migrant Stories
Voices and values: citizens - you and me
Geography: Connecting to Asia
Geography: Seeing beyond Asia
*National Days and celebrations - Year 3 history
*Liveability: Urban Japan
The Power of One; the power of many
*Feudal Japan
*News of Japan
*Natural Disasters in Japan
*Endangered animals of Japan
*Ukiyo-e Prints and the Rise of the Merchant Class in Edo Period Japan
*5 units - Japanese History
*Black Ships and Samurai
*Yokohama Boomtown
*Throwing off Asia
*Asia Rising/Yellow Peril
*Sadako and 1000 cranes - Year 10 history
*Wooden Japanese puzzle
*Wild: Amazing animals in a changing world
*Foundation: Exploring Japan
*Foundation: Counting in Japanese
*Year 3 - Pyramids
*Year 5 - Maps of Japanese cities
*Year 6 - Pyramids
Cross Curricular
*Say Hi to Haibun Fun
Other ideas from the Asia Education Foundation websitefor lessons and units
Dozens of Lessons with a geographic perspective from Columbia University (including some from Australia)
Wild: Amazing animals in a Changing World Science, Geography and ICT focus from Melbourne Museum
At home in Japan exploring intercultural (mis)understanding
Etiquette for Japan
Country Statistics
Country profile #2
Images pre- post- earthquake 2011