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Units indicated (*) are specific to Vietnam. Other units are designed for many cultures and can use Vietnam as a focus.

The Arts
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
*Painted Poetry
Symbols, contexts and Interpretations
Hip-hopping away
Seeing and sharing
Zoo of Many Flowers
My Place my home
Countries of Asia Discovery Tour
Really Big Projects - rice and religion
Snapshots - photos and meaning
Poetry into performance
Inspirations: art as a bridge between cultures
*Sustainable/excess Lifestyles - reflections


Animals and their homes
Getting connected - what's Asia got to do with me?
Small objects, families stories
Images of Asia: rules and symbols
Migrant Stories
*Access to Safe water and sanitation
*Food for the World
*Understanding Modern Vietnam (needs adaptation for Australia)
Voices and values: citizens - you and me
Geography: Connecting to Asia
Geography: Seeing beyond Asia
*National days and Celebrations - Year 3 history
*Perspectives of a conflict
*Vietnam 1858-2004
*Saving the Hill Tribes - should we?
*Energy Use

Dozens of Lessons with a geographic perspective from Columbia University (including some from Australia)
Other ideas from the Asia Education Foundation websitefor lessons and units
*Teaching Notes for Different Voices by Warren Flynn
Etiquette for Vietnam
Country Statistics
Country profile #2

Some great resources and lessons about Vietnam are available from Cornell University under the headings of: Introduction, Rice, Worship, War, Recipies and Lesson Plans